Title IX – Why is it important?

The generation is progressing and many older practices are vanishing now. However, there are still some people around us, who are stuck with the old growing thoughts and habits. One such mentality is discrimination based on sex. Despite so many developments, few people are still inconsiderate about giving women the opportunity to flourish in their careers. Due to such habits, the government created Title IX laws, which protect against sex-based discrimination and is considered a serious offense. According to a California education lawyer, Title IX is important because:

Prohibits sex-based discrimination 

The Title IX laws are serious as it prevents sex-based discrimination in educational institutes. It ensures that no student is denied any opportunity or chance because of their gender. And in case it is violated, action can be taken against the offender.

Protects against sexual harassment or abuse

The Title IX laws also include provisions that protect students from being sexually harassed or abused within or outside their education institute. Students who have faced any form of sexual harassment can report it to the authority and fight for their rights.

Creates an equal environment

As Title IX laws prohibit sex-based discrimination, it ensures that everyone in the educational institute is treated equally. It allows students to stand against any inequality and make sure that everyone gets what they are entitled to.

Imparts knowledge

Every educational institute in the United States of America must comply with the Title IX laws. And so schools, colleges, and universities frame Title IX policies that help students and faculty members to learn about an essential law that governs their institution. It also acknowledges students the rights they can exercise.

If you are a student and stuck in a situation where someone from the school, college, or university is preventing you from pursuing any opportunity or being biased towards people from another gender, you have the right to stand against these violations. And you must stand against these violations because the federal structure allows it. A Title IX attorney can be the professional who can assist you in building a case, acknowledging the laws, and representing you unless the outcome is favorable. To summarize, Title IX laws and policies should be followed by every educational institute for an equal and safer environment.

By Clare Louise

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