Motorcycle accident in Texas: Look at these aspects

As a motorcyclist navigating through the busy roads of Texas cities, you have to be extra cautious about your safety. Motorcycles are prone to mishaps, and when an accident happens, the rider is more likely to suffer serious injuries compared to someone inside a car. There are several reasons for motorcycle injuries in Texas, including vehicle size, negligent driving, and secondary impact. Following a crash, you will likely get ejected from the vehicle, which means you will endure other injuries as you hit other cars or objects. No matter the circumstances, you must hire an accident lawyer who will remain your faithful advocate as you try to recover damages. Here are some facts to know.

Understanding damages following the accident

Because motorcyclists are not protected from elements and other risks on the road, they often suffer grievous injuries in such accidents. Your compensation should cover all the damages you have endured. Economic damages are tangible and usually easy to assess, such as the cost of medical care, surgery expenses, wage losses, and other expenses. Some losses cannot be directly measured in money, including pain and suffering, which are called non-economic damages. Depending on the facts, you could recover both.

Follow up with medical care

Even when you haven’t suffered life-altering injuries, you should follow your doctor’s advice and keep up with the treatment plan. For instance, if you have been asked to go for physical therapy, follow the same. If you don’t do enough to get better, the claims adjuster may claim that you deliberately ignored medical treatment to get more compensation.

Remember the deadline

You have to file a lawsuit in court, if you need to, against the other driver or party liable for the motorcycle accident within two years. The statute of limitations is applicable to all injury cases in Texas. Please note that the time you spend on insurance negotiations is not counted, and you must take legal steps before it’s too late.

 Get a motorcycle accident lawyer

Not all attorneys deal with motorcycle cases and claims, and it is best to choose one based on experience. Ask around for recommendations, but if you cannot find attorneys through others, online directories can be resourceful. Meet potential injury lawyers, get a detailed assessment, and ask about their profiles. Don’t shy away from asking about the factors that can impact the compensation you receive, and once you like their approach and overall strategy for the case, get them to investigate further and negotiate for you.

Call an attorney soon after the motorcycle mishap.

By Deborah A. Serrano

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